Hard pushed to find a plant easier to look after

The Zamioculcas is easy to care for

In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find a plant easier to look after, as this hard case is almost indestructible. Basically, it can be put anywhere, needs little water (better too little than too much), and a little plant food at most once a month. So, if you forget to water it once (or three times), no problem. The only thing that the Zamioculcas, which hails from Africa, cannot tolerate is cold and persistently wet roots.

The Zamioculcas is available in sizes from approximately 30 cm, and can eventually grow to 150 cm. In principle, the plant adapts itself to its pot, so if you want it to grow, give it enough light and move it to a larger pot in good time. Optionally, old leaves can be removed with a sharp knife, and fronds can also be cut out with a knife. The plant is for decorative use only, and not suitable for consumption.


A look behind the scenes

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Water and nutrients

The Zamioculcas prefers well-drained soil. Between watering, it is best to let the tubers dry, because the Zamioculcas stores nutrients and water in its stems and tubers, and can survive on these reserves for a few weeks. You can also give your Zamioculcas some plant food once per month, and regularly spray the leaves with lukewarm water.


A room temperature of 18-22°C is perfect. The only thing that the Zamioculcas cannot tolerate is cold, although it’s not particularly fussy in this respect either. As long as the temperature does not drop below 12°C in summer, you can also safely put the Zamioculcas out in the garden or on the terrace.


Basically, you can place the Zamioculcas anywhere; the plant thrives in both well-lit and partially-shaded spots. If this extremely tough plant is placed in direct sunlight, the leaves become less green. This isn’t a problem in itself, although it is better to keep the Zamioculcas out of direct sunlight in the summer.